Jazz New Blood Tapes 017

New music - recently released on this episode. Feat Ezra Collective, DJ Fatima + Joe Armon-Jones, Jas Kayser,Tom Remon, Emma Rawicz, Mario Laginha, Trigan, Melissa Aldana, Somi, Theo Pascal and Hermeto Pascoal.

Let’s stay together for PEACE against ALL WARS !!!


Ezra Collective - May the funk be with you

DJ Fatima + Joe Armon-Jones - Love life hope

Jas Kayser - Darkness in the Light

Tom Remon - Eagle Peak

Emma Rawicz - Voodoo

Mario Laginha - Speak

Trigan - De-dah

Melissa Aldana - Los Ojos de Chile

Somi - Umhome

Theo Pascal - Discover me

Hermeto Pascoal - Ferragens