Sunday Jam

Sunday Jam 10

Angel food

Angel food cake originated in the United States and first became popular in the late 19th century. Some historians think that the first angel food cakes were probably baked by African-American slaves from the South because making this cake required a strong beating arm and lots of labor to whip the air into the whites. Angel food cakes are also a traditional African-American favorite for post-funeral feasting.
Mrs. Abby Fisher, the first Black American woman and a former slave from Mobile, Alabama, recorded her recipes in a cookbook called What Mrs. Fisher Knows About Old Southern Cooking, Soups, Pickles, Preserves, Etc.*

Ingredients :

1-Travellers Lodge Atomic 8-Ikut Asana Edem
2-Adolphe Parillon-Country
3-Willie Bobo-La Descarga Del Bobo
4-Charlie Palmieri-Clusters
5-Silvestre Méndez-Africa
6-Rail Band-Rail Band
7-Rail Band-Dugu kamaleba
8-Ebo Taylor-
9-Baranta & Miatta Fahinbulleh-Witch doctor
10-Chuck Flores-Padali
11-The Port Angels-Angel food
12-Rose Mitchell-Baby please don’t go
13-Terry Timmons-Got nobody to love
14-Vernon Dilworth-Shorty
15-Babs Gonzales-O pa pada
16-Duke Ellington
17-Lonnie Smith-Sideman
18-Horace Silver-
19-Cal Tjader - Soul Motion 1965
20-Lalo Schifrin Sextet - Kush 1962
21-Duke Pearson - The Phantom 1968
22-Nina Simone - No Good Man 1961
23-Miles Davis - Nuit Sur Les Champs-Elysées (Take 2) 1958

*What’s cooking America