Roots World

Roots World 239

From Azmaris to Bretons

On the 239th edition of RootsWorld Radio, we’ll hear from an Azmari band from Ethiopia, get some gritty rhythms from Malawi, Breton tunes with a middle eastern tinge and a bit of jazz. There will be voices, accordions and strings from Denmark, Spain and France, and some new sounds from Cyprus. Artists will include Trio Tekke with Dave deRose, Basco, Ti Jaz, Kazut de Tyr, Carmen Paris & Nabyla Maan, Fendika, Kukaya and The Tonga Boys.

Fendika | Yewolaya Weyo | Birabiro | Terp
Kukaya | Be Careful, Malawians, AIDS Is Real | Ukhaliro | 1000hz
The Tonga Boys | Kaluluwina | Tiri Bwino | 1000hz
Kazut de Tyr | Rasidov Pravo | Jorjuna | Hirustica
Kazut de Tyr |The Girl in the Tower | Jorjuna | Hirustica
Ti Jaz | Venise | Reves Sauvage | Coop Breizh
Basco | The Way of All Flesh | Interesting Times | Go’ Danish Folk
Basco | The Tesla Waltz / A Flat in Berlin | Interesting Times | Go’ Danish Folk
Carmen Paris and Nabyla Maan | Poema del Cefiro | Dos Medinas Blancas | DoFol
Cory Seznac | Zanzibar, Ebb and Flow | Backroad Carnival | Captain Pouch
Trio Tekke and Dave DeRose | The Ludicrous | Zivo | artist release
Trio Tekke and Dave DeRose | Cumbet (excerpt) | Zivo | artist release