Jazz New Blood Tapes 025

I think we can all agree we need to be healthier and desperately need peace to be reinstated !!!

Enjoy the music today by Chelsea Carmichael, Camilla George, Theo Cross, Gogo Penguin, Sara Gazarek, Avishai Cohen, Omer Klein, Venna, Bill Laurence & Michael League, HZettrio, Esborjn Svensson.


Chelsea Carmichael - Bone and Soil - Shabaka Hutchings remix

Camilla George - Creation - Abasi and Atai

Theo Cross - Wings

Gogo Penguin - Wave Decay

Sara Gazarek - Vanity

Avishai Cohen - Lokum

Omer Klein - Niggun

Venna /Rocco Palladino/Yussef Dayes/Marco Bernardis - Sicily Box

Bill Laurence & Michael League - Sant Esteve


Esborjn Svensson - HOME.S.

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