Jazz New Blood Tapes 010

It is a joy and blessing to get to episode nº10 especially in the midst of Covid 19. This month we listen to a small selection of my fav virtuoso Jazz pianists/keyboardists in the Uk Jazz scene.

I play music by Charlie Stacey, Kit Downes, Ashley Henry, Kamaal Williams, Sarah Tandy, Fergus McCreadie, Maria Chiara Argirò, Riella Oloro and the exceptional Hazel Scott.


Charlie Stacey - Ruby My Dear
Kit Downes / In Brixen
Ashley henry / Monk´s Dreams
Kamaal Williams / Situations Live in Milan
Sarah Tandy / Timelord
Fergus McCreadie / Jig
Maria Chiara Argirò / Dream R
Roella Oloro / Sacrificial Lamb
Hazel Scott / The Jeep is Jumpin´

Produced+Hosted by Patricia Pascal