Jazz New Blood Tapes 007

Fearless female leaders

Jazz has been a male-dominated field since forever.
If we are going to have a more balanced and inclusive scene we need to increase Female instrumentalists leading the way.

Today´s show features a small selection of talented and fearless Female leaders who inspire me and hopefully are inspiring the next generations of female talent in Jazz. Enjoy the music of Sarah Tandy, Zara McFarlane, Andrea Motis, Helena Kay, Rosie Turton, Melissa Aldana, Colectiva, Emma Jean-Thackray and the Great Alice Coltraine.

Patricia Pascal - Carmen Souza Management

Sarah Tandy - Bradbury Street
Zara Mcfarlane - Feed The Spirit (The Children &The Warlock)
Andrea Motis - Save The Orangutan
Helena Kay - Strawberry Terrace
Rosie Turton - Butterfly
Melissa Aldana - Pasos
Colectiva & Maria Grapsa - Under The
Emma Jean-Thackray - Baro Bop
Alice Coltraine - I Want To See You
Alice Coltraine - Oceanic Beloved