Jazz New Blood Tapes 006

Born alive again


This month episode is dedicated to the underground vibrate Live scene in London that I love so much. The most popular nights are the ones promoted by the musicians themselves. Small hubs that nurture the next generation of legends. You will hear music recorded in much-loved venues like Kansas Smith´s, Good Evening Arts, Iklectik, Champion Sounds, Steamdown, Jazzrefreshed, Church of Sound and Mark Kazuma’s The Banger Factory. When we finally open, Please support your local LIVE MUSIC venue.

Kansas Smithy´s house band- Beijinhos - LIVE recording @kansas Smithy´s club
Kit Downes - Bobbl’s Song - LIVE recording @Kansas Smithy´s Virtual Jazz Club
Maisha - Africa - LIVE recording @Good Evening Arts @Royal Albert Pub
Marcus Bonfanti - ’I Got A Woman’ - LIVE recording @Good Evening Arts @Royal Albert Pub
Brothers Testament - Nights of Contentment - LIVE recording @JazznewbloodALIVE @IKLECTIK
Champion Sounds - LIVE recording @Buster Mantis
Steamdown - Free My Skin
Church of Sound - Neue Grafik Ensemble - Hedgehog’s Dilemma Feat. Brother Portrait - LIVE recording @church of Sound
Ms. Maurice aka Sheila Maurice Grey - LIVE recording @Jazzrefreshed @Mau Mau Club
Mark Kavuma & The Banger Factory - The Banger Factory